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Main » 2009 » ივლისი » 27 » KAFTANS 3*, Turkey, Kemer
KAFTANS 3*, Turkey, Kemer




mdebareobs antaliis aeroportidan 55km. 300 metrSi, gzis meore mxares qalaqis plaJi. sastumro gaxsnilia 1993 wels. ukanaksneli restavracia Cautarda 2007 wels. teritoria 3 220m2. sul 60 nomeri



gzis meore mxares qalaqis plaJi. plaJamde servisi ufaso. qolgebi, Sezlongebi, matrasebi pirsaxocebi – fasiani.





individualuri kondciioneri, televizori (rusuli arxi – lobiSi)


minibari carieli


iataki xaliCis safari

nomris dalageba yoveldRiurad

TeTreulis gamocvla kviraSi orjel


ufaso momsaxureba

Ria auzi

sabavSvo auzi

qolgebi, Sezlongebo – auzTan.

magidis CogburTi



fasiani momsaxureba






manqanis qiraoba




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